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Friday Favorites (23)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Well, it certainly doesn't feel like Friday to me because I've practically been on vacation all week, but after two days at work I'm off again and ready for another long weekend! This morning my brother and I are heading to Charlottesville to pick up one of his friends, and then we're all driving to DC for a wedding on Saturday. And this afternoon, my fiancĂ© (that didn't take long to get used to!) is flying in from Minneapolis and the weekend can officially begin!

Here are some links for your weekend:

Cute Stuff
I love so many of these dresses--especially that Ted Baker Briony Dress.
Look at these cute glasses! They remind me of Melissa.
Robyn is so sweet and I just love her outlook on life.
I wouldn't say no to these sandals. And would someone get me this cute thing?

Books and Movies
Loving "Gatsby" Too Much and Not Enough--this is exactly how I felt about the movie. Maybe I shouldn't have read this before seeing it.
I loved Brenda Chapman's reaction to this ridiculous makeover of Merida from Brave.
I think it was awesome of Danielle to share this piece of fiction with us.

Religion, Culture, Health
Missing Husband--so beautiful and sad. We can do better than this!
This is everything to me. Like, how I feel about faith and the world in one image.


What do you have planned this weekend? What awesome thing have you read or seen lately?


  1. i DO love those glasses! you know me so well ;)

    So excited for you to kick off your first weekend as an official engaged couple!!

  2. I love the pic of your rock and something yummy on the rocks - congrats!

  3. Love the pic of your yummy rock and something yummy on the rocks-congrats! Cannot wait to follow the wedding planning!!

    1. Thanks! It's a lavender vanilla cocktail from my favorite restaurant.

  4. Love that you shared a link talking about the value of children's books! I am a pediatric speech therapist so I use children's books all the time...but I often feel that I am getting a treat (as do the parents) when i read a good children's book. It makes me reflect, in a nostalgic way, about the world around me...and I LOVE it! Have a great weekend!

  5. I really enjoyed quite a few of these links...most notably the review of Gatsby. I purposely avoided any reviews of the movie before I saw it...first show, opening day, in XD 3D. I had an inkling what to expect, having seen other Baz Lurhman movies in the past. Why remake a movie if you don't do something original with it? I was surprised by the narrative device, but not distracted. It just seemed an unusual choice, and isn't the idea of creating entertainment always about making conscious choices? So, maybe it should be referred to as "based on" rather than a faithful adaptation. Then the audience could sit back and just enjoy a movie without all the distracting analysis. I enjoyed it immensely. It is a visually stunning movie, and I thought the actors made interesting choices with their characters and motivation.

    And P.S., if you stop to consider, maybe every reviewer is just as self-righteous as Nick Carroway...aren't they basing their analysis on a flawed presumption?

    As for the Disney princess makeover...obviously she looked better before. Is there some sort of rule the Disney princesses have to look like over 21 hard-partiers who have a sex tape waiting in the murky shadows? Probably filmed by the bad guys the handsome prince thought he had defeated! When my daughter was young, the first real feminist backlash churned out a volume of rewritten classic fairy tales where all the princesses and heroines didn't need to be rescued by a good looking prince, they grew up strong and emotionally independent women. Getting married at 16 wasn't a prerequisite for living happily ever after. And all the reviewers and tv talking heads hailed it as an "it's about time" masterpiece. Ironically, when I mentioned it to her recently, she had no memory of it. However, she can still recite the script from Disney's "The Little Mermaid", , sing the songs,and tell you her favorite character was Ursala the sea witch, because she was like a drag queen. So, there you have it, the slightly grotesque yet entertaining pseudo drag queen was one of the most memorable fictionalized characters from my daughter's childhood.

    And, isn't it interesting, that a piece of American fiction that wasn't even hailed as a masterpiece when published, evokes such righteous outrage when an Australian director fiddles with the storyline and character profiles? Yet a pedantic feminist can rewrite the entire history of classic fairy tales and it is considered heroic? Meanwhile, the movie will make tons of money and good luck getting your hands on a volume of stories where Cinderella doesn't need that other glass slipper because she can buy all the shoes she wants!

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Love your thoughts on the movie! And the Disney makeover. Can't wait to see you in less than four weeks!

  6. Your ring looks beautiful... More sneaky shots needed! X

  7. I've had such a hard time pinning down my feelings on the Gatsby movie, but I think that piece speaks to me the most so far, as to why I simultaneously like and didn't like it -sigh-

  8. I love the post about picture books being for adults too. Sometimes I love my read aloud books more than my students! I think people would read more if it was seen as acceptable to read picture books past the age of 10. Thanks for sharing it in your Friday Favorites!

    kendall from buttons & blossoms


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