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A Look at Our 2013 Holiday Cards

Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm someone who sends holiday cards out on Christmas Eve, sprawling a large "Happy New Year!" across the top so they don't seem so tardy, so I was really excited when Minted offered to send me this year's holiday cards in October. They're a little more organized than I am, and this year, friends and family will receive their cards, if not before Christmas, then certainly before 2014.

The quality of Minted's products is really just amazing. 
And I'm giddy to have another excuse to show people our engagement photos.

Are you sending out holiday cards this year?

All Aglow Holiday Photo Cards in Peach c/o Minted
As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. love your holiday cards!

    and just so you know, we took our engagement photos almost a year ago, and i'm STILL using them for this year's holiday cards… I will show them off forever! :]

  2. Gorgeous photo! Gorgeous design!! My family have never done xmas photo cards but I love the idea.
    Also, off topic, I just realised you remind me of Jess from New Girl, aka Zooey Deschanel. I think it must be the hair!

  3. I used Minted for my wedding invites ... and received so many compliments on them. I don't think I'll get to holiday cards this year, still working on my wedding "Thank You" notes ... from minted OF COURSE .... yours are fabulous and I love that you are using your engagements .. idea is noted for next year!

    1. We're using them for our wedding invitations, too!

  4. Ah! Love these - your cards are always beautiful!

  5. They are beautiful! I am horrible and usually end up sending out my cards after Christmas. This year I'm not sure if I'll send cards or not... They'll probably only be sent to really close friends and family this year.


    1. Thanks! I usually just send a handful out, as well.

  6. Your cards look great! I don't send out Christmas cards, mostly because I'm never organized enough to do so until after the New Year. I usually have a few on hand to send to my closest friends who send out cards because I know it's important to them, but that's usually as far as I get!

  7. those are so beautiful!! I just ordered mine yesterday! so fun :)


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