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Twenty-Four Hours in Richmond

Monday, November 5, 2012

Rob and I met in Richmond on Saturday night, and while one night and the breakfast, lunch, coffee, and dinner that followed wasn't really enough time to take in the city and all the people we love who live there, it was better than nothing.

A quiet night, early breakfast, laid-back morning complete with a random viewing of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a couple Bloody Marys with my old college roommate and her fiance, and a quick chat on the couch in my friend Tina's apartment later, Rob and I were ready for a coffee break and a walk around Short Pump before grabbing some Thai food for dinner.

Kind of a whirlwind, but again, this long-distance thing is quickly teaching us that some is better than nothing.


  1. I remember those long distance weekends. Just remember to talk. Talk about everything and keep taking the time see be together, no matter how inconvenient it is. I love your blog. Definitely one of my favorites.

  2. i love richmond.

    and i like how happy rob is in that pic...come on rob..you should know you are going to get your picture taken!

  3. Our favorite movie is my Big Fat Greek Wedding!

  4. I was in a LDR for ~3 years out of 4. So good that you both cherish your weekends together, it makes it easier to know that you have a great love that lasts past the weekends too! :)


    1. Thanks! The weekends do mean a lot when you aren't near each other!

  5. I watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" this weekend, too! And it was random! Hahahaha Out Loud!

  6. hello from Mingle Monday, I LOVE your blog! Looking forward to following :)

  7. I LOVE Richmond! Carytown is one of my fave places ever!

  8. We could have been huge.
    Maybe next time?
    I loved Carytown, too.


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