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On The Equals Record | Seasons Change

Thursday, November 21, 2013

In Lynchburg, Virginia, home of Liberty University and just an hour away from my own alma mater, there are always Paneras and Starbucks full of Baptists fresh from Bible Study...zipped snugly into their North Face jackets and so surely into their faith. The leaves have changed color and the air is crisp and chilly and smells like campfires in that grey morning fog and when I am home for Thanksgiving, I pass through on my way to the J.Crew Factory store and even now, I will feel just a little bit jealous of them.

I wrote an essay about fall and faith and it's on The Equals Record this week. 
You can read the full piece here.


  1. Beautiful essay! As a catholic, I've questioned my faith many times, and at this point in my life I am not sure how to classify myself, although I still go to mass every so often. However, I think it's good to have doubts and work through them, because that makes your faith even stronger. I do know what you mean about the people who are so sure of their faith--I grew up outside of Abingdon, VA, and being catholic was a rarity, and sometimes I felt like everyone else had all the answers, while I didn't even know the questions.

    On a side note, the J.Crew clearance store is the best and I just went there last week.

  2. Well Megan, this is ME! I was raised in the Catholic way and went to Catholic school almost my entire life (even Catholic college) and I loved it. I am not mad about any of it. But when I was 18 and sitting in my expensive Catholic university, I started to question it all. I don't question the existence of a higher being, just the religion thing. Have you ever watched the writer Dan Savage on This American Life talking about his relationship with Catholicism? I think I emailed it to you once. Anyways, every time I hear it I cry. I just relate to it SO much.
    Beautiful piece!

  3. Beautiful piece. I must say, as a Liberty University alum myself, they may seem to have it altogether, but surely, they do not. When you are immersed in such a religious laden subculture such as Liberty, I think it is there that you struggle and question your faith the most. At least I know I did.

    Very grateful for the time I spent there though and the way that school has shaped me.


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